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Cool Fashion Ideas

cool fashion ideas

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cool fashion ideas - Hadaki Cool

Hadaki Cool Backpack,Tic Tac Toe Berry,one size

Hadaki Cool Backpack,Tic Tac Toe Berry,one size

Finally backpacks can be as bright and fun as the people carrying them.There are numerous compartments to keep things organized and a coated cotton exterior to keep things clean.* Zippered top opens to roomy interior* Protective laptop pocket secured with a buckle* Room for books, calculators, pens, supplies and a ring to hang keys* Exterior zippered storage pocket, and 2 net grab-all pockets* Extra wide, padded, adjustable shoulder straps and cushioned back for comfort.* Easily wipes clean / water repellent interior and exterior* Eco friendly. HADAKI products are AZO free. We use no Phthalates/DEHP, DBP, or BOP.

79% (5)

Fashion Zombie!

Fashion Zombie!

Introducing fashion zombies! Hehe :)

This shoot was lot of fun yesterday! Probably the longest shoot I've done, took most of the day. Also my favorite shoot to date!

I thought it'd be a cool idea to do fashion/model zombies :P and I know zombies don't typically have weapons, but I wanted to have some props to add to the photo.

Makeup - Me
Photography - Me
Model - Kayla

Licca Fashion Pack 2

Licca Fashion Pack 2

A gift from a friend who visited Japan last week. He bought me Licca fashion, haha. What a cool idea for souvenir ^__^

cool fashion ideas

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