Monsoon Fashion Wear. Legging Fashion Trends 2011

Monsoon Fashion Wear

monsoon fashion wear

  • a seasonal wind in southern Asia; blows from the southwest (bringing rain) in summer and from the northeast in winter

  • rainy season in southern Asia when the southwestern monsoon blows, bringing heavy rains

  • any wind that changes direction with the seasons

  • The rainy season accompanying the wet monsoon

  • A seasonal prevailing wind in the region of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, blowing from the southwest between May and September and bringing rain (the wet monsoon), or from the northeast between October and April (the dry monsoon)

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monsoon fashion wear - Exo Terra

Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 Rainfall System

Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 Rainfall System

The Exo Terra Monsoon RS400, High Pressure Rainforest System, is a programmable rainfall system suitable for all types of terrariums and greenhouses. It helps maintain optimal humidity by generating precipitation at programmed intervals. The duration and frequency of precipitation can be easily adjusted depending on the type of animal or plant housed. Frequent rainfall helps stimulate breeding behavior, and is a necessity when housing live tropical plants such as Bromeliads, orchids, or mosses. The system can be programmed to rain multiple times per 24-hour cycle, for time periods ranging from one second to two hours. The timer allows for the system to rain on demand. The large one gallon reservoir ensures continuous operation for several days without the need for refilling, and the reservoir can be easily replenished without needing to uninstall the entire system. The Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 comes with two easy-to-install nozzles, but the system can be expanded to accommodate up to six nozzles, making it ideal for multiple terrariums. The rain produced by these specially designed nozzles is extremely fine, creating a mist-like effect in the terrarium or greenhouse, and the extra long tubing makes it possible to conceal the unit in a storage area or under the terrarium in a cabinet.

76% (10)

Original Birthday Dress Remixed

Original Birthday Dress Remixed

I love this dress to bits and am forever in it. Must make another one.
I posted it a few weeks ago but today it is de- winterised a little as its not as cold.

Dress- Made by Me
Orange Cardigan- Monsoon (I bought it 3 years ago but this is the first time I am wearing it.
Tights- Evans
Plimsolls- Priceless (I also wear these a lot. They are sooooooooo comfy)
Bag- H&M

sorting them out

sorting them out

before packing for the trip to India. I've always loved earrings, necklaces and bracelets and these are some of the ones that I've been wearing lately! While most are bought from stores like H&M, Monsoon and For Love 21, all the colored stone pieces are semi-precious....jade, turquoise etc, bought from a lady who designs them in Delhi.

monsoon fashion wear

monsoon fashion wear

Swimming in the Monsoon Sea

Nominated for the Governor General's Literary Awards 2005, (Children's Literature, Text)

The setting is Sri Lanka, 1980, and it is the season of monsoons. Fourteen-year-old Amrith is caught up in the life of the cheerful, well-to-do household in which he is being raised by his vibrant Auntie Bundle and kindly Uncle Lucky. He tries not to think of his life “before,” when his doting mother was still alive. Amrith’s holiday plans seem unpromising: he wants to appear in his school’s production of Othello and he is learning to type at Uncle Lucky’s tropical fish business. Then, like an unexpected monsoon, his cousin arrives from Canada and Amrith’s ordered life is storm-tossed. He finds himself falling in love with the Canadian boy. Othello, with its powerful theme of disastrous jealousy, is the backdrop to the drama in which Amrith finds himself immersed.

Shyam Selvadurai’s brilliant novels, Funny Boy and Cinnamon Gardens, have garnered him international acclaim. In this, his first young adult novel, he explores first love with clarity, humor,
and compassion.

From the Hardcover edition.

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